Gratitude- The Corporate Nutritionist
Gratitude, The Corporate Nutritionist

Whether you are in a great place right now or struggling with a life challenge, at any time in our lives there is always something we can all be grateful for.  Because being grateful is a choice, one we make consciously, and it is entirely up to us. The world can be a dark place if we look at all the misfortune happening around, such as natural disasters, wars, or acts of violence. At the same time, life can be beautiful; it offers plenty every minute you are alive and it can surprise you in most unexpected ways, if you believe and if you adopt this type of outlook described below.

Whatever I focus on in any moment of my life, that is what I intensify, I make more of, and it becomes bigger. This is why I chose to believe that life is amazing even when I’m at my lowest. I’ve certainly had my share of highs and lows and I continue to experience magical days and days that are less than magical. Realizing that there is an yin to every yang, you will be more patient and understanding with yourself when you have one of those less than perfect days.

Everything in life is temporary.

If you have a place to live, food to eat, a shower to bathe, clean water to drink and clean air to breath; I think you are pretty lucky already. If you are feeling down because you have lost someone dear or have had a misfortune happen to you, remember it won’t last, it will pass and you will rise again, stronger and better.

Smile and believe.

Be aware of these 4 thieves that rob you of your happiness.

Your own thoughts. What you focus on or think about most of the time, deepens. It becomes your present moment, real and intense. When you focus on a negative or positive thought you create powerful emotions that lead to behaviours.

Jealousy and anger. Instead of looking at your friend and feeling jealousy for what he/she has achieved, be happy for him/her and seek to understand how you can make your life just as amazing or better. When you are genuinely happy for other people who have found true love in a messy world, you will automatically attract just that into your own life. When your heart is open and shines with good energy, others feel that energy and naturally become drawn to you.

“You attract what you reflect.”

Negative relationships. It’s time for a clean up if you haven’t started already. Someone once said, “You become the 5 people you spend time with the most” and that includes family, friends, and coworkers. You see, you must be selective who you chose to interact with regularily as these people impact your life in powerful ways.

A job you hate. If you don’t like what you do and your job is making you miserable – can you truly be happy? Perhaps, for a short period of time, but I don’t think it is sustainable. You have one life and it should be nothing but amazing, wonderful, and magical, or whatever that means to you.

My routine for gratitude when I need it most.

Make this your daily routine to invite gratitude into your life.

1.  Accept responsibility. You are in charge of your life and you are responsible for the quality of your life. Blaming your misfortune on circumstance, parents, and friends, will only limit your ability to live a fulfilling and passionate life. It will rob you of the opportunity to learn and grow from mistakes, to teach you about love, kindness, character, and values. It will leave you empty and uninspired and you will keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

“Circumstance does not make a man, it reveals  him.” Wayne Dyer

2.  Detox your mind. Regrets, mistakes, and disappointments are all pat of life. From this moment on, allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling but only for a period of time. Give yourself some time to feel sad if that is what your heart needs, once the mourning period is complete, get out of your own head and do something else. Buy a meditation colouring book (these are awesome), go for a walk, call a friend, or read a book.

3.  Express your gratitude. Buy a journal and write 3 things you are grateful for today, right now, in this moment. Continue for 7 days and see how that makes you feel. When you write your gratitude moments, you allow yourself to focus on that  and what you focus on expands, it becomes bigger, it becomes your reality. You cannot feel sad, jealous, or negative when your heart is filled with gratitude and positive thoughts.

Gratitude- The Corporate Nutritionist
Gratitude, The Corporate Nutritionist

4.  Self-care. Set some time apart from a busy day and do something you want to do. Read a book you’ve always wanted to read, do a yoga class, or take up singing lessons. Meditate and reflect on you, on this moment, right now.

All we have is now.

5.  Break up with the toxic people in your life. If you have toxic relationships in your life, maybe it is time to let them go. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people who will lift you up, encourage, and celebrate your successes with you.

6.  Eat Real Food. Nourish your cells and show them some love by feeding them good nutrition. The food and drinks  we consume  are essential for a healthy mind and body. You simply cannot think clearly when your liver is overwhelmed trying to detox your body from take out, fast food, refined sugars, and packaged goods. Real food includes vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, and clean, pure water.

Follow these 6 steps to achieving a life filled with happiness, true friendships, and lots of love.

Tatiana, xoxo