What the heck is a SCOBY? Well, it stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast; In simple language, it is what makes the delicious kombucha drink fizzy and great for your gut health.

Kombucha is not just a delicious drink but also a source of beneficial bacteria, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. It is a super drink and I make it all the time for my friends and family. It is versatile as you can make many flavours, add it to your favourite alcoholic drinks, and enjoy it over ice on a hot summer day.

Think of your intestinal or gut flora as a happy community of beneficial bacteria. If this community is thrown out of balance, and the ‘bad guys’ take over, you start to feel symptoms of fatigue, depression, immune system, skin, and so many other imbalances and later serious illnesses like cancer and autoimmune conditions.

What can you expect in this informative and fun class?

  1. We will dive deeper into why probiotics are important
  2. Your health and your microbiome
  3. Kombucha making at home
  4. Mixing it up like a PRO (think mixology :))

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