You are meant to shine from the inside out!

Some of us think that being busy and “not having time” for ourselves is part of life and it is almost expected if you have a business, a career, or a family. Somehow we believe that we must accept the reality and settle for that low quality and fast food, quick-fixes, “magic” pills, and other short-cuts because “we are just too busy”.

“We have bigger houses but smaller families; more conveniences but less time; we have more degrees but less sense; more knowledge but less judgment; more experts but more problems; more medicines but less healthiness.”

Dalai Lama

I’ve worked with many busy professionals and executives who are at the top of their game and produce massive results in their careers but who put their own needs last, who find excuses to excuse themselves from living a vibrant life because they feel they are “too busy”. The problem is when you live that way, your health eventually takes a hit, your relationships get out of control, the quality of your life is diminished and in addition to all that, you gain a lot of weight.

A big part of my work is devoted to helping you avoid getting to a place where you’ve lowered the quality of the life you live. Think about this for a moment, you work so hard to make a career, a life for yourself, your family, and to make your dreams become a reality, yet you don’t have time to truly live? Living and existing are different concepts and I invite you to asses which one of the two is you.

Essentially, life is about making time to love yourself and put yourself first because it all starts in a moment of decision and in your mind.

  • It is about deciding that you will not feed yourself fast and cheap food that is making you fat and sick.
  • Deciding that you will start to take small and consistent steps to achieve big results.
  • Decide on improving the quality of your life because in doing so you will improve the quality of your sleep, the quality of your relationships, self-confidence, energy and zest for life, and you will improve your overall happiness.
  • Decide that you will learn to prioritize and work smarter not harder, no negotiations, no excuses.
  • Decide to love and respect yourself enough to make changes to your diet and lifestyle and take your life from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Once you’ve shaped the right mindset we work on your digestion. Because it all starts with a strong mindset, the meal plan comes later.

Compromised digestion leads to poor absorption of nutrients. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies lead to numerous health problems such as, low energy, skin conditions, nervous system problems, weight gain, mood disorders, and much more. Once your digestion is on point and your endocrine system is in balance (hormones), you’ll learn that not only have you dropped the extra pounds but your motivation and outlook on life has grown. Your newly formed mindset is now working in magical ways to help you make nutrition and lifestyle choices that feed every cell in your body making your feel and look amazing, from the inside out.

Feed every cell in your body to feel and look amazing, from the inside out!

Many of us don’t really know what it is like to feel alive, waking up in the morning without the need of an alarm, enjoying life’s challenges, and above all thriving in all moments of life. Some of us have never experienced abundant energy and a clear mind.

Once you experience what it is like to have pure energy you’ll never want to go back to your old ways and you will start craving the right foods.

Craving salad, fruits and vegetables is possible. Food becomes your friend not your enemy.

My work is about helping you get out of your own way or helping you achieve this fine balance between your body, mind, and yourself. Imagine what you can do with a clear vision, a strong mindset, and a proven plan? Anything!

Get out of your own way and let the transformation begin.

Life is about enjoyment, fulfilment, and challenges. Without challenges life becomes pretty boring and we stop growing.

To enjoy the fruits of your hard work you need good health, otherwise you’ve got nothing.

  • Life is about listening to your body and actually understanding the language it speaks to you through symptoms.
  • Life is about discovering how great you feel when you nourish yourself the right way.
  • Life is about being able to spend time with your kids and do “kid stuff” with them because you are physically and mentally fit.
  • Life is about being intimate with your partner because you feel alive.
  • Life is about having the zest for life, feeling strong and excited about a new day, the unexpected, and explore or travel the world because you know you can.

Quality takes time.

So, if you are done with excuses, diet fads, quick-fixes, magic pills, or the “I’ll start on Monday” syndrome, and are ready to transform your life and create lasting change then let’s get to work because you can make lasting change and by applying the principles of I CAN (Improvement that is Constant and Never Ending) that my programs teach, will give you the results you crave and create more magic in your life.



One-on-one health & lifestyle consultations are available. Discover how amazing you are meant to feel from the inside out.

For optimal results a minimum of four consultations is recommended. Initial consultation is $120 for 60 minutes or $150 for 90 minutes. For a follow up consultation the cost is $100 for 60 minutes.





Body Mastery Program
Total Body Mastery Program

Total Body Mastery offers 1:1 support, personalized strategies, and a full year support to help you maintain and live amazing results, forever!

With TBM your life will never be the same again. Goals no longer seem impossible, the hard work is actually enjoyable, and you see results, right away!

Total Body Mastery starts at $999 per month with a minimum 3 months commitment.




Online Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coaching
Online Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coaching

Online Weight Loss and LifeStyle Coaching Program offers 1:1 support and personalized  strategies to help you achieve your goals.

This program starts at $499 per month with a minimum of 3 month commitment.








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