If you can master your body and your mind, you can master anything. If you can stay free of food addictions, you can truly live free. If you can set an example for your children, you will give them the ultimate gift, a Quality Life.

This is why I created this 12 week transformational program designed to change your life, forever.

The Total Body Mastery (TBM) Program

It is not about changing who you are, it is about becoming yourself again. It is transformation of body, mind, and self at the deepest level.

We address the deep roots of belief and thought which has kept you stuck or unfulfilled in this area of your life, Body and Health for a very long time. We look at your attitudes on how you handle challenges and unpredictable situations, and of course, your mindset which  contribute to your success. We work on replacing enslaving beliefs with empowering ones and rearranging them in a way that helps you move forward, towards success with your head up high and arms open.

This program is about making bold decisions and creating a life you adore in a beautiful body you are crazy about.

It begins with a shift in your beliefs and thoughts, it’s about empowerment and building momentum so you can unleash the strength you have within you and become yourself again, truly unstoppable. You unlearn everything you think you know about food and your relationship with food becomes healthy again. In TBM,

  1. You will learn how to detoxify your body, mind, and self. Unless you are able to cleanse of all toxins such as, food, thoughts, and people that have been affecting your life, it is physically and mentally tough or  impossible to move forward towards transformation. This component is crucial and comes with a detoxification protocol which is implemented over the course of this program.
  2. You will receive customized tools to help you succeed and make food your friend again. Stop being a slave to food addiction and instead enjoy and share it with the people you love. Food is meant to give you energy and vitality not make you tired and uninspired. It is meant to make you feel alive not moody, bloated, or constipated. You’ll learn how to do this through carefully researched and tried out tools that are proven to work which I provide for you on a weekly basis.
  3. You will receive a non-intrusive body system analysis to learn about your strongest and most challenged body systems so we can create a unique plan designed specifically for you that target your needs.
  4. You will discover what has been holding you back so you can get out of your own way and start moving towards your goal with energy, enthusiasm, and passion.
  5. You will learn that once you’ve Mastered your Body, all other areas of your life will start to soar.

Don’t let food addiction and weight gain get in the way of you living an amazing life.

This program is transformational, you must be ready to fully commit.

Master Your Food Habits as it Sets The Pace For other Areas of Your Life.

  1. Sometime you just feel like giving up because you’ve tried all types of diets and meal plans only to learn that they don’t work.
  2. You have days when you feel defeated by food addiction and weight gain. You reach out for food to relax, feel better, and because you just love (that chocolate). You also know this ‘high’ is temporary and soon after you feel guilty and disappointed with yourself.
  3. You need some tough love, direction, and a coach who can help guide you out of the slump because on your own, you haven’t made much progress. You need someone who can keep you on track and accountable for your results.

This program is transformational so you quickly learn why you do what you do and how to help yourself make more calculated decisions.

We work on establishing a healthy connection with food that tastes good and is good for you. You learn about yourself, psychology of eating, diets, and everything you need to know about food and healthy-delicious choices with recipes, daily meal plans, and more. You understand why you do what you do and why it has been so hard to maintain control – but not anymore! You become empowered as you learn how to start taking control of your life once and for all, from the comfort of your own home, without having to go anywhere as it is all done through online modules, personal videos/ tutorials, and the online community.

Movement is Life. You Will Learn How to Move to Feel and Look fabulous From The Inside Out.

This section of the program is all about learning to move in a way that makes you feel good. You will explore what works for your body and what doesn’t. You will receive daily workouts, relaxation, meditation and visualization  techniques to help you move in a way that makes sense for you and your body.

Healthy Relationships and Social Life are Crucial to Succeed in Any Area of Your Life.

This section of the program is about equipping you with tools and strategies that help you take on any challenge. You understand what needs to change and why, what is at stake if you don’t take action, and how to do the things once thought impossible.

To learn if you qualify for TBM, please apply by completing this form.


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