Member Networking Series: Come see me talk about best ways to fuel for performance, increase energy, productivity, and life enjoyment. It is your chance to ask questions and get answers, win prizes, and mingle with Toronto’s best and finest.

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March 28th Member Networking Series Tickets!

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Creative Ideals is one of Toronto’s hardest working marketing and promotions organizations. While we contemplated the idea of hosting networking events we asked ourselves one simple but profound question. If we didn’t need money to host events that provide unpretentious environments where business professionals and entrepreneurs can congregate, would we still do it? Would we host events that feature keynote speakers that educate and inspire our members? Would we provide a platform where businesses can exhibit and promote their brand name through our email marketing to over 2,400 members? If we didn’t need money to make all this happen would we still do it? And the answer was a resounding yes!

Our Member Networking Series are 10 events hosted once per month and takes place in Toronto, Etobicoke and Vaughan. We also provide event production for grand openings, product launches and charity events. Our mission is to promote ambitious entrepreneurs and business professionals, and help them get the recognition they deserve.

Creative Ideals, business can be beautiful.

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